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Children and Adolescents 

           STRONG BODIES


Motor development is key to success of participation in childhood activities.  Gross motor skills allow kids to engage in play activities with peers, develop life long leisure interests that promote movement and health, and increase attention and focus to improve academic performance.  Fine motor skills are based on a strong core and upper extremity strength.  A strong core and arms are essential for kids to perform seated desk activities such as writing, keyboard, and reading.  Our program will focus on developing strength of the whole body to promote motor development in a fun way! Activities are tailored to the individual needs of your child.

           STRONG MINDS

Movement is the foundation for attention and focus.  Too often kids have less time outside and less recess time to focus more on academics.  But without movement, kids are not able to development skills like attention, self-regulation, and executive functioning all of which are essential for success in school and life.  Designed by an occupational therapist, our program uses the principles of sensory integration to improve sensory development, which improves body awareness and attention.  It also will incorporate aspects to improve executive functioning to organize, regulate, and focus.



Our program will include social participation and social cognition as kids engage with peers in partner and small group activities and learn to cooperate and complete tasks.  As they complete group activities their social skills and confidence will grow to new heights!

           KID'S BOOT CAMP


Weekly classes designed especially for children of all ability levels to promote motor and sensory development, gain strength and athleticism, and build confidence. Parents are welcome to workout with their child or observe classes.


Specifically designed to focus on children with neurodiversity needs such as autistic children, children with developmental delay, and children with other developmental disabilities.  This program is an excellent support for your child’s therapy program and it promotes strength, motor development, and sensory development in a smaller class.  Scheduled on an on-demand basis.


One on one class with our certified personal trainer; our trainer will focus on your specific goals for your child whether to improve fitness, build specific skills for participation in sports, or to support therapy goals in your therapy home programming. Class Wallet Vendor.  Accepting ESA funds. 

Kid's Boot Camp- $70/month

Therapeutic- 8 weeks a week $325

Personal Training- $80 for 45 minute session

Accepting ESA funds.  Accepting Class Wallet

Email us for more information 

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