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Recovery is Key to Overall Health


Compression Therapy


Compression therapy provides controlled and variant pressure to the legs and arms in order to increase blood flow and aid recovery.  Benefits include injury prevention, improved muscle oxygenation, decreased fatigue, improved muscle recovery, decreased soreness. 

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30 minutes for $30

Upper body and lower body


Assistive Stretching

Active stretching increases flexibility and range of motion.  It is an essential part of any fitness routine, but one many people skip.  Let our trainers help you gain the benefits of stretching including increased blood flow, improved posture, decreased risk of injury, stress relief, and pain relief. 

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1 hour session $99



Other Services: Cupping, Percussion Therapy, Graston Technique 

Have a specific area that is giving you trouble? Work with our trainer for a personally designed session to target your area of pain or discomfort through a variety of proven recover techniques. 

  • Cupping- promotes healing and recovery through the use of suction

  • Percussion Therapy- rhythmic massage to the soft tissue to promote blood and lymphatic flow

  • Graston Technique- specialized form of massage and scrapping to the soft tissue to release fascia 


Book your session today! 

$65 per 30 minute session

Recovery package: Two 30 minute compression sessions and One Assistive Stretching session per month for $129!

Save 20%

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