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About Us


       What is Forged Fitness?

Forged Fitness was created to give big gym amenities in a small affordable package.

Love Group Training? We have classes to fit your schedule.

Need Personal Training? We have certified personal trainers that can create a challenging personalized workout to keep you progressing towards your goals.


Showers? Forged Fitness has locker rooms and showers so you can go on with your day post workout fresh.

Need a massage? Our massage room will allow you to relax and focus on self care and recovery

Based on Lifestyle Redesign®, an evidence-based program designed to help individuals make lasting changes in habits and routines for a healthier life and weight loss that lasts.  



Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri

Class-4:45am to 8am

Massage 9:00am to 3pm


7:00am and 8:00am classes



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